WOENSDAG 19-06-2019

CROSSFIT “Deadlift party!“ EMOM 12 MINUTES OF:2x Deadlift 90/95% 1 RM5x Burpees9x KB swings 24/20 KG WEIGHTLIFTING Snatch focus POWERLIFTING Squat focus GYMNASTICS Skill: Ring dipsStrength: Pull-ups

DINSDAG 11-06-2019

CROSSFIT “I took a box jump to the knee” 15 MINUTE AMRAP OF:12 heavy KB swings 24/20kg10 tall box jumps 30/24 inch3 clean & jerks 40/25kg Every round add 10/5kg to the bar. WEIGHTLIFTING Snatch focus POWERLIFTING Squat focus

WOENSDAG 12-06-2019

CROSSFIT “I’m going on a squatventure!“ FOR TIME:14 Back squats bodyweight5 Toes 2 bar12 Back squats bodyweight10 Toes 2 bar10 Back squats bodyweight15 Toes 2 bar8 Back squats bodyweight20 Toes 2 bar6 Back squats bodyweight25 Toes 2 bar WEIGHTLIFTING Clean focus POWERLIFTING Press focus GYMNASTICS Skill: handstand push-upBar Gymnastique