WOENSDAG 30-10-2019

CROSSFIT “SPRINTER TO GAINTOWN.” Max round in 9 minutes of:20x DB clean @ 22.5/16kg, alternate per round100m sprint10x Toes to bar5x KB pistols @ 12/8kg, alternate per round WEIGHTLIFTING Snatch focus GYMNASTICS Technique: muscle-upStrength: Core stability

DINSDAG 22-10-2019

“It thought that balance was yoga shit?” For max rounds of:2x Snatch balance (starting weight is 20/15kg) Rest 1 minute between rounds, add 10/5kg per round, continue until failure. POWERLIFTING Press focus

WOENSDAG 23-10-2019

CROSSFIT “EMOM.FT.AMRAP” Every 3 minutes on the minute for 18 minutes of:40x double unders12x Burpee box jump-overs (24/20″)6x toes 2 bar WEIGHTLIFTING Clean and Jerk focus GYMNASTICS Handstand focus