2 year anniversary

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WOENSDAG 21-08-2019

CROSSFIT “Wait, how many!?” Every minute on the minute for 20 minutes of: 1st minute: 2x Strict pull-ups + 3x Chest-to-bar pull-ups + 4x Toes to bar2nd minute: 3x Strict press 80-90% 1RM WEIGHTLIFTING Snatch GYMNASTICS Technique: kipping/butterfly pull-ups Strength: handstand push-ups

VRIJDAG 23-08-2019

CROSSFIT “The Viking” For time15x Box jumps 20x Power snatch, 60/45kg25x Toes to bar30x Back extensions35x Power cleans, 50/40kg40x Burpees50x Double unders60x Box jumps 70x Power snatch, 45/35kg80x Push-ups90x Sit-ups500m Farmer’s walk

MAANDAG 12-08-2019

CROSSFIT “10 TON” Team WOD 2 or 3 man team, for time: 10,000kg ground to overhead. Each player sets up his or her own bar with desired load. Players cannot change bars or strip/add weight. Players may work at the same time. WEIGHTLIFTING Snatch focus