MAANDAG 29-07-2019

CROSSFIT “Please don’t land on my head!” For max reps:10x Snatch (40/20)10x Snatch (45/22.5)10x Snatch (50/25)10x Snatch (55/27.5)10x Snatch (60/30)Max reps Snatch (65/35) Cut off at 15 min. WEIGHTLIFTING Snatch focus

DINSDAG 30-07-2019

CROSSFIT “DO YOU “THRUST” ME?” 5 rounds for time of:3-minute timecap5x bar muscle-ups25m shuttle run (3 times forward & back)Max rep thrusters Rest 3:00 After every 3 min. POWERLIFTING Press focus

DONDERDAG 01-08-2019

CROSSFIT “Better keep it under the minute” Every minute on the minute for max rounds4x Box jump (20/16 inch)6x dumbell cleans (16/12)8x Push press (16/12)Cut off at 15 minutes. POWERLIFTING Squats

ZATERDAG 03-08-2019

CROSSFIT “BURN BABY!” 8x(20:10) Wall ball (10/6)Rest 2:00 8x(20:10) Box jumps (24/20″)Rest 2:00 8x(20:10) KB snatch (16/12)Rest 2:00 8x(20:10) Toes 2 Bar GYMNASTICS Technique: swingersclub!Strength: push-ups

ZONDAG 04-08-2019

CROSSFIT “Again, i did not assume your gender!” For time:4-player WOD, 2 male/2 femaleRow 5000m200x Pull- ups200x Push-ups200x Box jumps (20 inch)100x Toes to bar Workload has to be equaly split.

MAANDAG 22-07-2019

CROSSFIT “-PR- TIME!” EMOM …. min. Every minute you do a lift! Start snatching! if you catch it, add 5kG. If you miss it, start squat cleaning. Keep squat cleaning and add 5kG if you catch it. If you miss it, start deadlifting. Keep deadlifting and add 5KG if you lift it. Score = 3…

DINSDAG 23-07-2019

CROSSFIT “CLOCK IN THE FACE.” With a running clock:3 rounds of10 squat snatch 40/3010 toes 2 bar If rounds are completed before the 5.00 min TimeCap, extend with another 5.00 minutes and perform another 3 rounds. Do this with a maximum of 5 rounds. POWERLIFTING Squat focus

WOENSDAG 24-07-2019

CROSSFIT “PAY THE MAN AGAIN.” 3 Rounds for time of:15 box jumps10 burpees over the box5 dumbell clean & jerks, per hand 22,5/16kg 12 min. time-cap WEIGHTLIFTING Snatch focus GYMNASTICS Technique: pull-upsStrength: Handstand push-up