WOENSDAG 01-05-2019

CROSSFIT “Just let someone else do the heavy stuff” In teams of 3, complete 3 rounds IGYG (I Go You Go) of: 20x Hang power clean 42.5/30 kg 20x Ring push-ups 50x Knees to elbows 20x Overhead squat 42.5/30 kg 50x Double-unders WEIGHTLIFTING Clean & Jerk POWERLIFTING Presses

DONDERDAG 02-05-2019

CROSSFIT “The longest chipper of your life” For time: Run 1000m5x Rope climbs50x Back squat 60/40 kgRow 400m50x Front squat 60/40 kg5x Rope climbsRun 1000m WEIGHTLIFTING Clean & Jerk POWERLIFTING Presses

MAANDAG 22-04-2019

CrossFit DUMBBELL RUNNER 5 Rounds For Time of: 10 dumbell squats, 22,5/16kg (2x)200m run After the completion of 5 rounds, in the remaining time AHAP 1 rep squat clean. Cut off: 14 minutes WEIGHTLIFTING Jerk POWERLIFTING Presses

DINDAG 23-04-2019

CrossFit “ALONG CAME THE DEVIL” 20 min E30SECMOM of:1st minute: 10 push ups2nd minute: 20 Air squats3rd minute: 8 chest 2 bar pull ups4th minute: 7 devil press WEIGHTLIFTING Jerk POWERLIFTING Presses

WOENSDAG 24-04-2019

CROSSFIT “YOU GET WHAT YOU GIVE” 30 min AMRAP of: 1600m run 20 dumbell lunges, 22,5kg/16kg (2x) 15 kettlebell swings, 24/20kg 10 burpees 5 muscle ups WEIGHTLIFTING Snatch POWERLIFTING Deadlift GYMNASTICS Handstand walk + push-ups